Online Radio Tuner 2.5.4

Listen to radio stations online and save and manage your favorites

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    Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 2003 / Windows 7

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    7.2 (20)

Online Radio Tuner is a versatile management tool for avid listeners of streaming music. It easily compiles tons of radio stations within a succinct interface. The software comes loaded with custom visual options and advanced configuration settings.

The standard version is set up with preset packages that were chosen by the developers, and there is an option to add personal choices via URL. The internal controls let users adjust the sound to their listening preferences with ample auditory equalizers. Uniquely tweaked sounds can be rapidly saved to individual profiles, so every perfectly balanced combo can be saved for future enjoyment. Hot keys make slight changes to the noise settings quickly and discretely.

Stations are neatly categorized according to a variety of characteristics for easier sorting. They can be arranged by network, station, name or region. This makes browsing through different feeds a breeze. Once the user has tuned in to an ideal station, the program can be minimized for invisible operation. All streaming alerts may be displayed in a tiny balloon notifier to provide network diagnostics and song information.

When the window is maximized, there are still plenty of ways to add flair. The Online Radio Tuner is outfitted with a solid variety of flashy skins. There are several options to choose from based on operating system, color and theme. The Custom feature instills complete creative freedom for the interface's external presentation.

Technology enthusiasts can get a thrill from the intricate network statistics that can be manipulated. They can even synchronize their data by connecting to their Windows Messenger account.

The feature that sets this program apart from its competitors is an advanced recording mechanism. With the help of this software, high-definition copies of streaming content can be saved straight to the hard drive. There are countless subtle ways to modify the final product, so anyone can form a major music collection with this gadget.

In tandem with the recording capacity, scheduling truly is a central feature of this radio program. The system is designed to work as a musical DVR of sorts. It can be timed to capture the auditory output of any station. These recordings can be entered as one-time events, or they can be automatically recurring.

Despite being packed with helpful extras, this program is cursed with a few limitations. Firstly, the URL add-on feature struggles to import most signals. Even stations that are in physical proximity can fail to load through this apparatus. When most personal selections fail to load, users are stuck with the program's limited core group. Secondly, the feeds that successfully load have a tendency to repeatedly drop and reappear. The fading of these signals leads to lagging and buffering.


  • Stream tons of online radio stations
  • Schedule quality recordings in advance
  • Packed with custom configurations


  • Fails to load many personal choices
  • Stations lose signal a lot
  • Preset feeds lack diversity

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